content-photo12Our pediatric day health centers provide your child’s skilled nursing needs in a center based environment. While at the center children also receive their prescribed speech, occupational and/or physical therapy services.

In addition to the skilled care provided, your child/family is provided with the following services:

Nutrition – Children receive meals and snacks as part of the program. Those with prescribed formulas bring them and our nurses administer the feedings.

Case Management and Education – Our staff coordinates information for the child’s family and physician to promote the best opportunity for enhanced outcomes. Parents are educated about the care their child is receiving and ways to promote the continuation of that care at home.

Workforce Opportunities – The design of our Pediatric Day Health program enables the child’s caregivers to get back into the workforce or school. With many centers opening Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 5:30 p.m., becoming a contributing part of your family’s economic position is now achievable while having the peace of mind that your child is in the safest of environments.

Peer to Peer Interaction and Socialization – Kids learn from Kids. Children challenge themselves to participate in activities or actions they see other children performing. Every day in our centers children are reaching personal milestones in their growth and much of the determination to reach these goals come from seeing others do it too.

Transportation – Your child is driven to/from the Center with a nurse and a CPR certified driver. Car seats are provided to each child riding the bus.

Insurance Verification and Approval – Our team gets all the authorizations and approvals necessary for your child to receive the care that they entitled to have. We also assist in the enrollment process for medical assistance or waiver programs.

To find out if your child will qualify for these services you can contact a location near you or check the “who we serve” page.